Leverage Levers: 10 Ways To Do More With Less

Leverage is the ability to do more with less.

This skill is what helps people achieve more than they otherwise could on their own.  It’s also not as hard as it may seem.  Below, look at the list of ways you can use leverage.  Then begin using one (or more) of them RIGHT NOW.

  1. Money – invest it to earn more for yourself
  2. Time – outsource (www.elance.com, www.rentacoder.com, www.guru.com)
  3. Resources – look at all the available resources online
  4. Contacts – make new ones using social media and leverage existing ones that you meet throughout your life
  5. Systems – use technology to assist you in achieving more
  6. Tools – again, the internet is full of them
  7. Talents – what are you good at, and how can you use that to your advantage?
  8. Mentors – if you don’t have one: find one
  9. Knowledge – what do you already know that could make you more money, increase your happiness, etc?  Do you need new knowledge?
  10. Skills – are they outdated? If so, get new ones that can help you move forward.

I hope you start seeing some positive changes by living life with leverage.  Now go do something.

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