How to start your own business

Have you ever wanted to start your own business, but felt that there were many things stopping you?  No money?  No experience?

Mike Michalowicz, the author of the book The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur knows exactly what it takes to go from zero to hero.  With a refreshing, no fluff, no B.S. approach, Mike’s book gives you what you need to know to succeed.

I read the book myself, and found the action steps at the end of each chapter to be one of the books best benefits.  They help you apply what you learn, and best of all: the advice is coming from a successful entrepreneur that knows what it’s like to start with a little and turn it into a lot (I mean, if he can use 3 sheets of toilet paper to wipe himself, he’s definitely got skills).

Mike truly stands out against the “noise” that is out there in the business community today.

For anyone that feels like they need to get off the pot and start themselves on the road to entrepreneurship, this book is for you!

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Are YOU A Media Darling Entrepreneur or Toilet Paper Entrepreneur?

What the heck is the difference between these two types of entrepreneurs?

In his book The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur , Mike Michalowicz describes the differences between the world of modern day entrepreneurs.  A Media Darling Entrepreneur is someone who seems to rocket to huge success seamlessly, almost overnight.  A Toilet Paper Entrepreneur on the other hand, is someone who struggled and worked much harder to get to where they are.  Most entrepreneurs fall into category number 2.

And that’s OK.  Building a business takes time.  Depending on what you want to start, it may be helpful to get experience in the business by working for someone else before stepping out on your own.

So don’t be upset if you don’t become an overnight success: no one has.  Even the people that seem to rocket to the top had months and years of preparation -where they “worked” for free- before getting into the big leagues.  Have patience and persistence, and if you truly desire a better life for yourself (and others), you’ll join with them someday.  Godspeed.

So, are you a Toilet Paper Entrepreneur? Please share your opinions about this topic by adding your comments bellow.

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